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Yoga, Hot Yoga and Bikram, Classes

Yoga is the practice of physical poses and posture.  Yoga Classes in Ireland that can be enjoyed by everyone whether they are active, young or old.   The intensity of the Yoga will vary depending on the style of Yoga and your fitness level.

The practice of Yoga in Ireland has evolved over the years with the introduction of new styles, better delivery of more structured training classes, facilities such as hot rooms and the availability of more instructors.   One form of Yoga that has gained in popularity in recent years is Bikram or Hot Yoga.


Benefits of Yoga

Indoor Yoga Classes IrelandYoga is beneficial on the physiological and psychological levels.  At a physiological level Yoga is known to increase flexibility, strength and energy.  At a biochemical level it can help improve metabolism.   

At a psychological level Yoga can enhance your sense of wellbeing, help improve your concentration and reduce stress.  Additional benefits can be derived from Bikram or Hot Yoga as the heat allows you to go deeper into the postures and flushes toxins out of the body promoting relaxation.  The more you practice Yoga the more it evolves and changes.  


Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is characterised by a series of Yoga Poses which is done in a heated room which allows for an increase in stretching and flexibility.  Hot Yoga is practiced in a heated room which allows the body to stretch more.   They are lots of different styles of Hot Yoga or which Bikram is one of the most well-known.   The other different styles of Hot Yoga use different postures, philosophies and have different approaches to heat.


Bikram Yoga Ireland

Bikram Yoga is one of the fastest growing styles of hot Yoga in Ireland and the world.  The practice of Bikram involves a series of twenty six postures and two breathing techniques in every class.   The Yoga studio or room is heated to a hundred and five degree and the sixty percent humidity.  Each class involves the same postures that are challenging for students especially in the beginning

Bikram Yoga Ireland

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