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Walking Festivals or Challenges are a Great Way to Explore Ireland

Walking is an activity with a multitude of health benefits from both a physical and psychological point of view.  Walking festivals and walking challenges encompass all the benefits of walking with the additional social aspect, blended together with a sense of achievement and awe at the scenic beauty in Ireland.

Walking festivals in Ireland are organised by communities, walking clubs and walking guides to bring people together over a day, weekend or even a week to enjoy a walk or challenge, generally in a location of great beauty and heritage.   Walking festivals are great way to see Ireland’s scenic country in the company and safety of like-minded people.  


Walking Festivals Offer Guided and Graded walks.

Most walking festivals are structures so that there are a variety of walks to suit various fitness levels and abilities.  Easy moderate walks are designed to suit beginners and intermediate walkers while long endurance challenges can be arranged for the more experienced walkers.   The festival itself can occur over a few days with a focus on the social aspect of the walking event.  Organisers have set meet up points and recommended accommodation for visitors.   Guides can provide visitors to the walking festival with the necessary reassurance in terms of safety, play the role of navigators and provide more in-depth details of history and geography of the locality.


Walking Challenges

Many organisations including charities organise walking challenges.   These events are arranged to test your endurance and provide you with a significant goal.   These events can be long distance challenges, night time challenges such the lunar walking series or full moon walks.  

If you enjoy walking and have yet to experience a walking festival or tested your endurance you can read more about Walking Festivals in Ireland, Charity Treks & Challenges and Walking for Fitness in our fitness information section.



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