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Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathlon Events in Ireland.

Triathlons, duathlons and aquathlons are multistage, multi-disciplinary events that have grown in popularity in Ireland in the last 10years.  Participants complete the course in the fastest time which include the transition time or time spent between each discipline in the race.  The challenge is not just the sports themselves but the length of time it takes to make the transition between one component and the other. 

Triathlons in Ireland

A triathlon is a multi-sport event that involves swimming, cycling, and running in direct succession.  The length of the overall triathlon and each component can vary.

·        Sprint Triathlon – 750m Swim, 20K Cycle, 5KRun

·        Standard or Olympic Triathlon – 1500meter Swim, 40 Kilometre Cycle, 10 Kilometre Run

·        Half/Half Ironman or Ironman70.3 - 1900m Swim, 90K Cycle, 21.09K Run

·        The Ironman – 3800m Swim, 180 Kilometre Cycle, 42.2Kilometre Run

The majority of Triathlons in Ireland are Sprint and Olympic distance events.  Many event organisers cater for the beginner Triathletes with short triathlon distances called Try- a-tri or super sprint triathlons.


Duathlons in Ireland

Duathlons are another multidiscipline sports in Ireland that involve running and cycling.  Most events are structured with a run component first then a cycle follow by a second run leg.  In contrast to the Triathlon there is no swimming component in this event. 


Aquathlons in Ireland

Aquathlons involve two sports, swimming and running and the cycling component is omitted.  The first stage is swimming followed by the run and distance can be varied depending on the race.

Success and completion of a triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon will depend on your level of fitness in each discipline.  Training for these events is both challenging and fun.   Multiple sports necessitate the need for greater planning and effort.  Many triathlon clubs can help with training programs and give you tips on how to make improvement plus the added benefit of a social outlet with like mind people.


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