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When it Comes to the Christmas Dip Preparation is Key.

  • Pack wisely apart from your swim gear you will need a large towel and a waterproof bag to keep your stuff dry.
  • Bring warm clothing, a hat, scarf and gloves for after you swim.
  • Bring something to stand on as the ground is often freezing – flip flops, sandals or waterproof booties. Alternatively a sheet of cardboard will do the trick for your transition.
  • Bring a hot drink for after your Christmas Day Swim. 
  • Leave money and valuables at home or with a trusted friend. 


Be Prepared for Your Christmas Dip it’s Going to be Cold

  • Suddenly getting into cold water can cause distress, shock and lack of mobility.
  • If you feel cold, get out of the water straight away, dry off and change into warm clothing as quickly as possible. 
  • Always swim with someone else.  Christmas Day Swim events take place in many locations around Ireland & why not ask your friends, family members, teammates, club mates, workmates or class mates to join you.
  • Don't hang around too long before or after your dip. Dip, dry and go!


Safety is a Priority

  • The freezing water is not going to miraculously turn you into a good swimmer so know you ability and stay safe.
  • Don’t swim if you don’t feel well. 
  • Don't swim directly after a meal.
  • Don't swim under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • Don't run and dive into the water. 
  • Read and obey all safety signs.
  • Check it is safe to swim before you enter the water and remember conditions change regularly.
  • Submerged objects can be very dangerous and may not be visible from the surface. Keep watch for rocks, trees, branches and rubbish.
  • Always enter the water feet first.  Accidents frequently occur from diving into shallow water.
  • Always swim parallel to the shore, never out to sea.
  • If you get into trouble stay calm and tell someone you need help.


Enjoy the Recovery and Festivities

  • Have a hot shower as soon as possible after your Christmas dip.
  • Enjoy your Christmas Dinner – you deserve it! 


Wishing You a 

Happy and

Peaceful Christmas!