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Swimming and Swimming Classes

Regular swimming helps build muscle strength, endurance, cardio-vascular fitness.  Swimming is a low impact sport that has been ranked as one the top recreational activities undertaken in Ireland.   

It is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.   Swimming is a skill that opens the door to other water based sports and activities. 

The Benefits of Swimming

They are many benefits to swimming on both the physical and psychological level. It’s an activity that is very accessible and can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Swimming improves muscle tone and fitness
  • Swimming is a low impact exercise
  • Swimming is good for your Lungs and cardio vascular fitness
  • Swimming is a great base for other water sports or activities
  • Swimming can helps burn calories and reduce weight
  • Swimming reduces stress and tension

Learn to Swim

Swimming classes can be access through local swimming pools, health centres or private leisure clubs or even through schools.  Individuals can choose between the option of private swim classes or group classes.  Many individuals are held back by the fear of the water but a good swim instructor can help build your confidence and help you improve your technique and performance.


Swimming Classes

Swimming Classes are designed to cater for various levels from beginners to advance classes. It’s important to find a swim class and swimming instructor to suit your level and your needs.  Some classes are designed to suit different groups such as baby swimming lessons, children’s swimming classes, adult only swim classes or even male and female only swim classes.   Some swim coaches also teach Triathlon swim classes which are a great way to help you improve your overall performance and technique.


Swimming Pools

There is a wide selection of swimming pools that are readily accessible in Ireland.  Whether you are a more competitive swimmer looking for a 50 meter pool, lane swimming or looking for a great family days out or just want to enjoy a leisurely swim you can access these through local pools, health clubs or private leisure centres.


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Swimming Watches

Swimming watches are designed to track your speed, distance and number of strokes.  For those who love pool swimming the innovative watches from Swimovate can count laps and track stroke efficiency so you can concentrate and enjoy your activity.


Swimovate Swimming Watches

Swimovate has just introduced a new innovative swimming watch called the PoolMate HR which is designed to measure your heart rate outside and inside the water.  This type of swim watch has the added benefit of allowing you to download the data after your swim for further analysis.


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