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Summer Camps, Sport Camps, Outdoor Education & Adventure Camping in Ireland

Summer Sports Camps and Adventure Camping in Ireland

Irish summer sports camps may involve experiencing the adventure of camping in woodlands or designated campsites throughout Ireland.   Camping in Irish woodlands may also include an adventurous experience with a combination of hiking, canoeing and camp fires as traditional summer camping activities. Irish adventure camping increases physical resistance and builds team spirit in summer campers. Newer summer camps in Ireland offer a wide variety of specialised summer camping activities that may involve a specific sport or multiple sports activities.

Irish Summer Camps, Outdoor Education and Summer Courses

Irish Summer Camps were traditionally in the form of residential Irish colleges, imparting outdoor education during Irish summers. Summer courses not only provide summer campers with a chance to improve their cultural skills but also have an increased role in fostering team work among the Irish youth.  Some Summer Camps teach folk music, computer camps, summer language labs, mathematics classes, performing arts and physical fitness and community sports activities.

Modern Summer Camping Activities in Ireland

Modern Irish summer camps involve summer campers with recreational sports activities like outdoor adventure camping, community sports activities, summer computer camps, cookery classes and summer sports camps.  Camping is a key part of outdoor education for organisations such as scouting Ireland while summer sports camps may focus on specific sports and activities. Examples of summer camps include;

  • Outdoor Adventure Camping which promote hiking, canoeing and wilderness survival
  • Community Sports Activities like boxing, martial arts, soccer and rugby
  • Summer Computer Camps to teach web design, computer programming and software languages
  • Summer Sports Camps which focus on traditional Irish sports activities


Find Summer Camps and other Outdoor Adventure Activities

Summer camps are offered throughout Ireland.  Outdoor adventure centres or activities centres can be accessed to provide a wide variety of outdoor activities from outdoor water sports adventures to land based outdoor adventures.   Adventure Camping may also be part of an adventure race where participant has minimalistic overnight equipment to complete the course over a long duration.


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