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Running, Events, Calendar for Runners or Athletics Ireland

Running is an essential building block of athletics and many sports and activities.   Running events, fun runs and races have grown in popularity in Ireland and you will find early morning runners to late night runners just about everywhere from the cities to the country roads, on the beaches or on the trails.

Running is a hobby that can be enjoyed by just about anyone.  It’s considered an inexpensive way to get fit, shed those extra pounds and best of all get that feel good effect.  Social benefits and training tips can also gained by joining an Athletics Club.

Benefits of Running - How Running Helps Your Body?

Running for fitness or regular jogging for health improves a person's mood and reduces risk from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.  Regular running can

  • Helps promote weight loss
  • Improves respiratory health
  • Reduces body cholesterol
  • Increases body fitness
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Slows ageing & reduces stress


Running Events - Competitive Races and Fun Runs

Races and competitive running events are frequently organised by running clubs and in association with Athletics Ireland.   Organisers of running events have become more and more professional in the past few years and Ireland has seem greater participation by event and corporate sponsors with large amounts of funds been generated for charities and good causes.

Fun Runs and charity fundraising events are great events for those are new to running or for those who want to enjoy the experience, challenge themselves or even create their own personal best. 


Running Calendar

Many runners or athletics in Ireland plan their events months in advance so they can train and plan their schedule or calendar accordingly.   For long distance runners or marathon runners, careful consideration will be given to the events as they will try to slot greater distances into their own running calendar.

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