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Run 5k or 10k Races in Ireland

For many people participating in a race it is an exciting and fulfilling challenge.   The most common distances of runs will vary between 5k, 8k, 10k, half marathons and marathons and for those endurance athletes there is the Ultra marathon.


5k Run

If you are a beginner the 5k run or race distance will be the place to start.  5k equates to 3.1 miles. For those new to running, training for such an event can be built up over several weeks with a regimen of walking and jogging until you are able to run 5k continually.  Many running clubs, fitness professional and fitness apps can guide you through a couch to 5k program and get you ready to run a 5k race in a matter of weeks. 

For the more experience runners a 5k race is a fast paced run event and training for such an event will involve interval and fartlek training. 


10k Run

The 10k or 10km run is one of the most popular races distances.  10k runs have attracted the highest levels of public participation in Ireland and overseas.  10km equates to 6.2 miles.  The popularity of the 10k race distance lies in the fact that this distance is long enough to represent a challenge but short enough to remain achievable for beginners and fun runners. 


5k and 10k Runs – Are Popular Choices for Fun Runs and Fundraising Events

The 5k and 10k runs typically incorporate an element of Charity Fundraising where by runners raise funds for a cause based upon completion of the course.  Novelty themes and obstacles courses can also feature in many 5k and 10k fun runs.  These types of events are made appealing to everyone from beginners to family and adventure race participants.


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