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Pilates is suitable for all ages, genders and all fitness levels, however, when selecting a Pilates class one needs to remember that Pilates is a very versatile form of exercise. Pilates can be an easy and gentle or a tough and demanding workout depending on your individual requirement.


Most Pilates studios or centres generally cater for all fitness levels from beginners to intermediate to advance students. Most Pilates classes are held with small groups or 10 students per class.  This enables the Pilates instructor to give individual attention to students thereby ensuring correct technique, best results and the utmost safety.


Almost all Pilates studios and Pilates centres come equipped with the essential equipment including exercise rings, sitting blocks, toning balls and flexi bands.  Pilate’s students are recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing for the class and are required to bring their own exercise mat, small towel and bottle of water.


Many pilates centres or studios run special Pilates classes for injuries and rehabilitation.  Sports-specific classes can also be accessed and group bookings can also be possible for sports clubs.  Pilates specifically for the elderly or pre and postnatal classes are run in many Pilates centres and Pilates studios throughout Ireland.  


Your selection of Pilates classes will depend on what’s available in your location, your fitness level and previous experience of Pilates.  You are more likely to enjoy your Pilates experience if your Pilates classes are held in a fun, friendly and a relaxed environment that caters for your fitness level.  


It is important to point out that Pilates is not for everyone. It is a slow and controlled form of exercise, so for those looking for fast results or those who enjoy very physical exercise this may not be the most suitable form of exercise.


Private Pilates classes can also be made available with one to one tuition depending on the client’s needs and preferences.  Drop in classes or pay as you options may also be available and suitable for people who can’t commit to regular class sessions because they have other commitment such as family or work. Shop around and look for the best options to suit you.