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Can Pilates help you recover from an illness or injury, or indeed ease pains associated with more long term medical conditions?  

This a question that is often asked of Pilates instructors and Joyce Gavin from Body Firm Pilates in Dublin gives us some of the answers:


In short, the answer is yes; in many instances Pilates is very beneficial to those recovering from particular medical treatments, injuries or indeed looking to ease pains associated with common long-term medical conditions.


But always remember, when embarking on any such Pilates programme you must work personally with a highly qualified Pilates instructor who understands your condition, can answer any questions you will have and can monitor your progress.


Before outlining a number of medical conditions or injuries that can be improved through specific Pilates routines, let’s first recap on physical principles associated with Pilates.


Pilates is based on three physical principles

  • Core stabilization
  • Neutral pelvis/shoulder girdle and spine
  • Working the body uniformly

Body Firm PilateAs a result Pilates is a recognized form of rehabilitative care.