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Pilates and Pilates Classes

Pilates helps build flexibility and strength through body conditioning exercises and routines.  The emphasis is on building a strong core and breathing.   The Pilates exercise routines and Pilates Classes help strengthen the back and improve balance and coordination.  The intensity can be increased as your body adapts to the exercises and as your fitness level improves.


The Benefits of Pilates

The benefits derived from practicing Pilates is very broad ranging from the improved physical vitality, to invigorating the mind and reducing stress. 

  • Pilates can help improve posture and co-ordination
  • Pilates can help prevent injury and other medical conditions
  • Pilates can help improve core strength and flexibility
  • Pilates can help levitate tension and stress
  • Pilates can help tone and condition the entire body and complements other forms of exercise


Pilates Classes

Pilates is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels from beginners to advance levels.  The intensity of the Pilates classes can be tailored to suit your individual needs and you may even choose to have your own individual tutor or private lessons.   Here is a list of options to choose from:

Pilates classes can also be tailored to suit the audience with many Pilates instructors catering for men, pre and post natal women and the elderly.  When selecting your Pilates classes you may be able to find a Pilates class that suits your needs better such as one of the follow:


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