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Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

A personal trainer or fitness instructor is the ideal choice for anyone who has great intentions but lacks focus and motivation.   A personal trainer can help you develop a customised routine that suits your goals and fitness level. 

Personal trainers generally have knowledge and skills that vary from sport and nutrition, to personal health and injury prevention.  Fitness instructors act as a motivating force to help you progress faster, break through fitness plateaus and help you reach your fitness goal.


Benefits of a Personal Trainer

The benefits of a good personal trainer are plentiful and include the following;

  • Personal trainers can help you set achievable and realistic fitness goals 
  • Personal trainers can ensure that there is consistency in your training program
  • Personal trainers can help with your motivation because you are working with someone
  • Personal trainers can offer support and nutritional guidance
  • Personal trainer can teach you proper techniques and help you prevent injury
  • A personal trainer can help you vary your routines
  • Personal training classes can be designed to suit your time and scheduled to maximise results


Selecting a Personal Trainer

Find a personal trainer or fitness instructor you can get along and have a few trial sessions before you commit to a personal trainer.   You can opt for private lessons which are a great way to master a new discipline and achieve your fitness goal.

The option of a personal trainer maybe more cost efficient than visiting a gym.   You can also access a personal trainer as part of a small group or with friends of similar interest and abilities.  Hiring a personal trainer can help you to get you into the best shape of your life.


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