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Martial Arts & Contact Sports for Self-Defence Training | Ireland

Martial arts are countermeasure combat sports aimed at cultivating a person's self-defence. Inherited from ancient cultures of the world, practising martial arts is used to improve self-defence and train sportspersons in physical contact resolution. Modern day sports activities have brought martial arts into the Olympic arena as a combat sports event and in exhibition martial art forms such as wrestling and mixed martial arts competitions which attract huge audiences.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Martial arts’ training is an essential practise to train sportspersons into martial artists. Benefits of martial arts training are extensive, as are the uses of martial arts. Here are some of the benefits of martial arts training:

  • Training in martial arts improves one's self-defence
  • Martial arts training helps reduce stress and helps improve your decision making process in stress or adverse situations.
  • Increased competition, better physical health and fitness are beneficial side-effects of martial arts training.
  • At a psychological level martial arts help improve concentration and self-control and help boosts confidence.

Sports Equipment for Training and Practising Martial Art Sports

Martial arts sports are generally practised in community sports centres in the presence of a martial arts trainer or sensei. Most martial arts techniques require martial arts students to strike surfaces to break one or more objects using their martial arts skills. Most common sports equipment for practising martial art sports are pieces of wood and bricks. Practising martial art sports requires one or more of the following sports equipment:

  • Loose, comfortable clothes which are easy to wear and wash
  • A sports mat - on which martial arts students combat opponents
  • Wooden boards or bricks for breaking and showcasing martial art skills
  • Wooden sticks, swords or combat weapons based on the martial art form

Martial Arts Clubs offer Martial Arts Training Classes in Ireland

Irish people are now discovering the benefits of martial arts for their health. People of all ages join martial arts clubs to practise keeping a fit mind and body. Practitioners of martial arts organise martial arts training classes which aim to disperse the essence of martial arts to martial arts students of all age groups. Students enlist in martial arts training classes to learn the possible benefits of self-defence and also gain health benefits as well.

Learn Martial Arts Today!

Learning martial arts can make sportspersons physically stronger and mentally sharper. Regardless of age or ability there is something for everyone. Why not try something new? Find a martial arts club in your area.


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