Social Care Training

Fun Runs, Obstacle Courses and Assault Courses

If you are new to running and want to test the water one of the best options to try is a fun run.   Fun runs can vary in distance but generally cover 5k or 10k.  Fun Runs are ideal for those who enjoy staying fit and getting involved in community activities.  The shorter distances are also idea test events for those interested in participating in other long distance events such as marathons and half marathons.


The type of fun run options available to you may vary.  The fun run can take you on the road, on trails or hills or may even involve obstacle courses and lots of mud!  It is basically a friendly race with runners taking part for their own enjoyment as opposed to competition.


Novelty Fun Runs and Family Events

Fun run are often run as family events where the event is suitable for all levels of fitness.   Some events may involve novelty themes or fancy dress.   The event may be themed to suit the season such as at Christmas where you run in Santa Suit or at Halloween where you run in scary costumes.   Other themes for fun run may involve super heroes costumes or Rock N Roll events.  Teenagers and children who try these fun run activities often continue to run into adult life.


Obstacle Courses or Assault Courses

Many fun run events can involve obstacle courses or assault courses. These fun runs and challenges can take you through obstacle courses with everything from water, to mud, hay bales, cargo nets, jumps and much more.


Fun Runs for Charity

Fun runs are used to raise funds for many charity organisations throughout Ireland. Fund runs for charity have become increasing popular with many celebrates acting and sports professionals acting as ambassadors and encouraging greater public participation.  Read more about Fun Runs in the information section of the website


Check out the OOYO™ Sports events page for fun runs and charity related events and activities.