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November 11Nigel CallenderFitnessClimbing

Nigel Callender, Directors of Gravity Climbing Centre, Dublin and a champion climber highlights a great alternative to the Gym. It's lots of fun, offers a nice physical and mental challenge and it's easy to get involved.


Rock climbing isn’t just a sport for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. Since the advent of indoor climbing walls, participation in the sport has skyrocketed in popularity and not just amongst those with aspirations of summiting a lonely Himalayan peak.


Indoor climbing walls in Ireland can offer a huge amount to anyone with a basic fitness level looking for a new challenge!


These purpose built walls allow a huge variety of climbing routes of many styles right from delicate, low angled climbs that challenge your sense of balance and problem solving abilities to steep overhangs that test the strength and mental tenacity of the most committed individuals.