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Charity Fundraising Events, Fun runs, Cycling challenges and Treks

Charity Fundraising Events can take many forms but sports events, runs, treks and challenges have proven to be very popular with Irish people and charities in Ireland.  The sports events or challenge are great way to raise vital funds for charity while getting fit and participating in a fun event.


The variety of challenges and sport events in Ireland have also increased with cycling challenges, triathlons and multi-sport activities such as adventure races been added to the list.  These types of fundraising events are not just challenging but rewarding and fun.


Charity Treks and Challenge

Many charities organise international treks and challenges which take place in some of most the exciting destinations in the world.   The experience offers the participant an opportunity not just to test themselves with the challenge but to immerse themselves in the culture and explore their destination.   The logistic are organised by the charity while the fundraising is the responsibility of the participant. 


Fun Runs, Walking and Cycling Challenges in Ireland

The most popular type of sports fundraising activities in Ireland are Fun Runs, Walking and in more recent years cycling challenges.  Many Athletics Clubs, Cycling and walking clubs host events for the purpose of raising funds for charity.    These types of events may have novelty themes or ambassadors such as celebrities or sports stars to attract a greater number of participants.  How big the challenge is up to you to decide they are many options and lots of variety to choose from.


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