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Making the choice between joining a gym, getting a personal trainer or attending a bootcamp or joining a Club will depend on your fitness goals, your personal preference and your budget of course.


The fitness industry keeps evolving but so do your options. Shops around and find what suits you at a price you are willing to pay. There are a wide variety of options and great bargains.


While these options are offered at many gyms there has been a surge in independent bootcamps and personal trainers offering training from a variety of indoor and outdoors locations.  There has also be a growth in the number and diversity of sports clubs with ready access to available facilities and trainers.


When deciding whether to choose a gym, personal trainer, bootcamp or a sports club you need to consider what is your current level of fitness and what your fitness goal is.  Then you will need to consider your best option in terms of cost and time and your level of self-motivation.