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Bootcamps Indoor and Outdoor Bootcamps in Ireland

Bootcamps are structured exercise sessions incorporating aerobic and anaerobic fitness carried out under the supervision of a fitness instructor.   Bootcamps have grown considerably in Ireland over the last few years and offer a great alternative to people looking for something challenging and wanting to improve their overall fitness and body strength.


The Benefits of Bootcamp

They are many benefits to working out with a bootcamp and if you are the type of person who enjoys working out with a group and pushing yourself the extra mile then bootcamps are a great option.  Many bootcamps are held outdoors during summer and this adds to the enjoyment.  The motivation and dynamics of a group can add to your training and there is the added social aspect.   Here is a list of the benefits that can come from participating in a bootcamp:

  • Bootcamps can help you get results
  • Bootcamp workouts are great for burning calories
  • Bootcamps are effective if you are short on time
  • Bootcamps can alleviate boredom
  • Bootcamps are good for your mental fitness
  • Bootcamps can offer better value for money
  • Bootcamps are a great way to meet like-minded people 
  • Bootcamps are fun  


Selecting a Bootcamp

Bootcamps programs vary in intensity and style.  Selecting your bootcamp will depend on, what type of bootcamp is available, where you live and the duration of the program that you want.  Depending on the season you can choose from indoor or outdoor bootcamps. Outdoor bootcamps can be less claustrophobic and held in scenic parks, beaches or woodlands.  Indoor Bootcamps are a great way to maintain your fitness level during the winter when it’s not possible to train outdoors. 

Military style bootcamps are a common style of bootcamp training that use workouts that are similar to those the military used to keep recruits in shape. They use a mix of circuit training, games and running to keep it fun but Military style bootcamps may not be attractive to everyone. Shop around for bargains and you will find cost effective options to suit your needs.


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Bootcamps operate all around the country and you can search OOYO™ Sports events and activities for a suitable style of bootcamp to suit your needs and fitness level