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Badminton, racquet sports and shuttlecock sports in Ireland

Badminton is popular racquet sport played like tennis with two opposing players (singles) or four players with two players on each side (doubles).  Badminton is played with badminton racquets and a shuttlecock, on a badminton court, over opposite sides of a raised net or badminton net. The objective of game is hit the shuttle over the dividing net so it lands in your opponents side of the court before it can be returned.

Being a versatile sport, badminton can be played indoors or outdoors. Indoor Badminton is more popular for competitions as the shuttlecock which is a feathered projectile can be affected by winds.  Indoor badminton becomes a competition racquet sport which is enjoyed by hundreds of spectators. Badminton is played outdoors as a casual recreational sports activity with friends and family as badminton players. When many badminton players compete, the sport of badminton can accommodate up to four players on a badminton court.


Badminton is a Strategic Game

Badminton players aim to land the shuttlecock on the opponent’s side of the court before it can be returned.  To achieve this the badminton player will employ a vary of tactics by varying the badminton stroke and shuttlecock speed by hitting it faster, slower, higher and flatter.  The strategic badminton player may smash the shuttlecock at maximum speed or hit it with a delicate touch to place it out of the reach of their opponents.

Badminton Ireland


Sports Equipment to Get Playing Badminton Sports

Playing badminton sports requires the following sports equipment to play badminton indoors as well as playing outdoor :

  • A badminton net,
  • Long-handled and lightweight racquets,
  • Really comfortable sports shoes for quick moves, and
  • A shuttlecock

Synthetic shuttles are popularly used by recreational badminton players as they are more cost-effective and long-lasting.  This reduces their costs as feathered shuttles break easily. Nylon shuttles or plastic shuttlecocks are very good alternatives to traditional feathered shuttlecocks and it is easily available in almost all sports stores and super markets in Ireland.

Benefits of Playing Badminton

  • It is an aerobic sport and offers many of the benefits enjoyed by those who are aerobically fit including reduce risk of heart disease.
  • Playing badminton like other sports can help reduce stress and tension
  • It improves the finger and hand power and help coordination of the badminton player
  • Playing badminton helps reduce weight and helps maintain optimal weight
  • Badminton even improves body balance and physique of badminton players


Find a Badminton Sports Clubs in Ireland

Playing badminton indoors generally take place in a sports arena sports hall or a sports centre. OOYO Sports have a list of badminton sports centres in Ireland. So, what are you waiting for? 

Find badminton sports clubs in your area on OOYO™ Sports and get playing badminton today.