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Airsoft Sports, Paintballing and Combat Sport in Ireland

Airsoft Sports

Airsoft is a tactical, combat community sport in which players carry imitation firearms.  Most airsoft guns fire round plastic pellets. Airsoft Sports are team-based combat sport that requires specialised combat sports gear and airsoft guns to engage players in battlefield-type scenarios.



Paintballing is a combat sport in which opponents are tagged with capsules or paintballs.  Paintballs are made from biodegradable water soluble dye with a gelatin shell capsule on the outside and these paintballs are fired from a specially designed paintball gun.  


Playing Combat Sports as an Outdoor Activity

Combat sports require the use of tactical combat equipment to emulate real battlefield scenarios. Playing airsoft and paintballing is best suited to the great outdoors where you have props or natural obstacles for cover. 


While Airsoft sport and paintballing are regularly played at a sporting or fun level and considered a good team building activity they are many organised competitions including worldwide leagues with professional players and teams. Airsoft or paintball is an organised combat sport which can be played in a variety of game formats:

  • Airsoft League Format - Community Sports Organisation provides Airsoft Sports Regulations
  • Paintball Tournament Format - Paintball Leagues run the Paintball Tournament
  • Professional Team Format - Paintball Teams with Sponsorship Support


Airsoft and paintballing games often range from short term skirmishes to military simulations and organised scenarios.   Airsoft and paintballing components engage in combat situations that require skills and the use of common military tactics to achieve their objectives to win the game.


With Paintballing and Airsoft Sports it’s Safety First!

Paintball is a fast-paced sport and is also called Speedball. Paintball guns fire paintball pellets with one joule of energy: enough pain to stun an opponent... and that's why combat sports players wear eye & face protection gear to prevent paintball sports injuries. It’s safety first at all times. Having said all that, combat community sports like paintballing and airsoft sport will build courage, sportsmanship and most of all community or team Spirit!


Essential Sports Gear for Airsoft Sports and Paintballing

Rights to buy imitation firearms for combat gun sports, Airsoft equipment and paintball sports gear are reserved for players aged 18 and over. Airsoft equipment can be purchased from licensed sports retailers of the Irish Airsoft Associations throughout Ireland. The most essential equipment for Airsoft Sports and Paintballing are the following;

  • Paintball or plastic pellets - All paintballs are made biodegradable quality material and non-staining dyes to protect the environment. Paint washes off clothes easily.
  • Paintball Gun or Airsoft Guns will vary according to the terrain and tactics employed.
  • Safety mask and goggles are the most important piece of safety equipment.  Most goggles and facemasks are designed with anti-fog material. 
  • Camouflage suits can be worn to conceal you during play and normally these are  worn over your clothes and help protect them from paint.

Airsoft and Paintballing Activity centres are set up to provide the participants with the necessary tactical equipment and accessories.  This includes the relevant safety equipment and military clothing and structure courses for battle.   Airsoft and Paintballing games are generally played outdoors with either natural or design tactical course for cover.