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Adventure Sports, Water Sports, Rock Climbing & Adventure Camps in Ireland

Adventure Sports & Outdoor Sports Activities in Ireland

Adventure Sports lovers consider Ireland an excellent country to sample action sports, adventure sports courses and take part in outdoor sports activities. Vast, open valleys and Irish woodlands and waterways create a prime adventure sports course for a variety of outdoor sports activities.


Adventure Sports and outdoor sports activities provide physical exertion that makes you feel you're alive! Some outdoor sports activities only require the participation of your physical body while most adventure sports require specialised equipment to enhance the thrill and safety of performing these outdoor adventure stunts.


Popular Water Sports Activities Along the Coast of Ireland

Water Sports provide relief to Ireland's spectacular and pretty coastal areas. Sailing the seas, surfing the waves, water skiing & wakeboarding are the most thrilling water sports activities that entertain thrill seekers!


Explorers would indulge themselves in the sea beds with snorkelling and scuba diving. The most popular water sports activities in Ireland are sorted here, on OOYO™ Sports:

  • Windsurfing, Kitesurfing & Surfing
  • Scuba Diving & Snorkelling
  • Wakeboarding, Kayaking & Water Skiing
  • Canoeing, Sailing & Yacht Racing


Rock Climbing Adventures on the Irish Mountain Slopes

Irish mountains slopes offer spectacular views for rock climbers who succeed the adventurous climb. Rock climbers and mountaineers prefer to climb these vertical mountain slopes to their peaks to test their vertical limits. Scaling some of the mountain slopes requires specialised mountaineering equipment and rock climbing sports gear however many mountains are easily accessed by foot and trekking routes can easily be found.

Join a mountaineering or hillwalking sports club to learn how to climb safely or attend a mountain skills course or bootcamp to bring out the outdoor sports enthusiast in you!


Adventure Camps & Popular Outdoor Sports Activities

Ireland hosts many outdoor sports centres to provide outdoor education and host outdoor sports activities. Increase your physical resistance by joining adventure camps across Ireland and taste the Irish outdoors. Vocational Training Centres offer outdoor sports training for one or more sports disciplines and at different levels of expertise.


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