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Adventure Races in Ireland

Adventure races are multidiscipline sports events that may involve a combination of trail or mountain running, cycling, kayaking, abseiling, climbing and or obstacles courses.  For many athletes these mixed discipline Adventure Races in Ireland are more appealing as they involve variety, adrenaline and greater novelty.


Ireland as Destination for Adventure Races

Many adventure races are held in remote locations in Ireland with scenic hills and backdrops that add to the experience. You can look forward to hiking, trail running, cycling off road and kayaking in lakes or rivers and ascending or descending hills and mountains to reach your destination.  Some adventure courses may require you to self-navigate your route and there maybe options to participate as a team or as an individual. 

More professional adventure race management and the growing experience of event organisers have contributed to the growth of adventure racing in Ireland.  Pre-event preparation by the organisers such as better logistics, safety precautions and pre-registration make these events and participation more accessible and enjoyable.


New to Adventure Racing

You can dip your toes in adventure racing by starting with the specifically designed entry level races or taking part with a more experienced team.   Many adventure race organisers cater for different fitness levels and event managers have made these races amenable to everyone with a better balance of activities for new participants and endurance athletes. 


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If you like the multiple sports and feel up to a challenge select an adventure race from our calendar of events