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Reggaeton, Aerodance, Body Fit, Pilates Beginners & Improvers

Fitness classes Body Fit

The Liffey Trust Studios
The Liffey Trust Centre
Dublin 1

 Pilates Improvers and Beginners


Healthy balanced diet, good night sleep and regular exercise is the key for you're amazing self. Offering a wide range of fitness classes. Join u

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Body Fit, Pilates Improvers and Beginners, Aerodance and Reggaeton   Classes


The Liffey Trust Studios, The Liffey Trust Centre, North Wall, Dublin 1

·        6pm Body Fit                      Price: Drop in €12 per class; Course of 6 classes – €60

·        7pm Pilates Improvers         Price: Drop in €15 per class; Course of 6 classes – €72

·        8pm Reggaeton                   Price: Drop in €12 per class; Course of 6 classes – €60

Classes commence on the 15th of January

Body Fit – Want to be strong and have a lean conditioned body? This class is meant for you so! Short cardio and strength sessions throughout the class will leave you totally breathless by the end of it. Results are amazing changes in your look! Join me and let’s work hard together!

Pilates Improvers – If you have already taken part of many Pilates courses before and you want to join again, this is the class to come to. Flowing from one exercise to another, this class is on a higher level and will make you feel like a superior afterwords. Join me and not only feel, but also see your body changing day by day!

Reggaeton – New style fusion with South American music and hip hop and fitness basic movements.


·        7.30pm Aerodance

·        8.30pm Pilates Beginners (45 min)

·        Price: Drop in €12 per class; Course of 6 classes – €60

Classes commence on the 16th of January

Aerodance – Fun and energetic! Aerobics and dance with new style such as Jazz, House, Afro, Oriental and more.

Pilates Beginners – If you are new to the world of Pilates or you haven´t done it for a while, this class is meant for you. Pilates is a workout focusing on your core strength as well as for conditioning your full body, improving your flexibility and raising your mind & body awarness. Want lean abdominals and strong body without having to lift weights and staying in the gym for hours and hours, this is the class to join.


Diploma in Sport Management and Training Tartu University, Estonia 1999-2003 Qualified Aerobics Instructor Fitness Academy of Finland (FAF) 2002 Cycle Reebok Reebok UK 2005 AeroPilates Basic Reformer Training Stamina Products, Inc. (Marjolein Brugman, CPT) 2006 PT for Symmetric & Asymmetric Choreographies Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2008 Dance Education Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2008 Professional Training Argentina Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2008 Step Module 1, 2, 3 Euroeducation (Gabriela Retamar; FIPCF) 2009 Reggaeton Euroeducation (Marta Formoso; FIPCF) 2009 Pilates Mat I level Euroeducation (Mary Block, Fabio Block; FIPCF) 2010 Professional Training Argentina Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2010 Professional Training Argentina Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2011


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Erle Liivak

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The Liffey Trust Studios
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The Liffey Trust Centre
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